What Pastors are Saying

Recently, we asked pastors what they thought of our free brochure, "Becoming A Christ-Centered, Disciple-Making Church." Here is what they had to say:

"Becoming a Christ-Centered, Disciple-Making Church"

"Well structured... Concise presentation... The program gets people 'deep' and builds spirituality... Informal and flexible... Power of God’s word in practice... Focus on making disciples... Clear steps, a big vision... Well organized... Clarity... Call to disciple... Cohesive and intelligible plan... Straightforward. Gives me a good “plan” to lay out what discipleship means."

“Impressive. Great material. I'm excited about implementing the plan.”
                    B.H., North Carolina

"How is it that the Amy Foundation got it so right, when so many people have gotten it wrong?”
                    Pastor R.R., Indiana

"I don't remember asking for this material...but it came at exactly the right time for our church, Covenant Christian Fellowship. We have only 25 members and have not experienced much growth. I was getting very discouraged. But this material has given me a vision and new hope. I presented the challenge to our people that if each one would bring one each year, by the end of the third year we could have 200 members. They are excited and as we pray and invite and welcome, with God's help, we will now see some growth. Thank you so very much!"
                    Pastor J., Louisiana

“This information is a blessing from God... The message is words from Jesus statement... Judge yourself before... We are using this in the form of teaching leaders... They must understand as Apostle Paul stated, 'Don't become puffed up!' This is an excellent tool to bring about humility.”
                    Rev. R.H., Georgia

“This is extremely consistent with our plan for our church. It nicely puts it down in Black & White for our members to see... From there I will launch a discipleship initiative that will be based on "Each one Reach one.”
                    Rev. J.W., New York

"I think is an excellent plan. I've shared it with other ministry leaders to spread the word. We are praying on when to incorporate it in our ministry (possibly January 2004 - the start of a fresh year).”
                    G.M., Maryland

“I shared it with our elders and they were duly impressed... We will likely begin following your steps a little more closely as they really flesh out what needs to be done. We actually have begun teaching a course called D2 — "Disciples Making Disciples" and we'd like to include your brochure in the package of literature they receive.”
                    Rev. B.M., Ontario

“EXCELLENT! It far exceeded expectations. I expect to be making a transition from one congregation to a church redevelopment position, and my hope is to implement the plan there from the very beginning.”
                    Rev. C.F., Florida

“I am having the joy of my life preaching from the outline in your brochure, "Each One, Bring One, Each Year" and preaching intensively for a discipleship purpose! I want you to know I found you on the Internet right on time!... I have always been a Pastor who makes disciples! I have been spreading the brochures to my family, disciples, church members, and other pastors. My members say that my preaching has never been more dynamic!”
Pastor C.M., Florida

“The plan is pretty comprehensive and I was looking more for something that could be used as a discipleship class for new believers.  Thank you for sending the materials.”
                    Outreach Pastor D.J., Indiana

“The brochure and plans sound great!  How can something so Biblical sound so refreshing? My plans are to prepare a series of sermons regarding the topics in the brochure in the coming year. Ideally, I would also like to incorporate your material into our Adult Sunday School ministry... Pray that people are filled with the Holy Spirit so that we would be able to make more and better disciples in Sidney, Montana!”
                    Pastor P.T., Montana

“The brochure is right on and I have already incorporated some of the material into a sermon on discipleship and will continue to present more of the ideas in the coming weeks.”
                    Pastor K.S., Ohio

“I think the plan and brochure are excellent. My plans to use them are several: 1) I plan to use it in Sunday School class; 2) I also plan to use Discipling Myself with my son in one on one; and 3) I plan on starting this fall with the church body on Wednesday evening.”
                    Pastor P.T., Pennsylvania

“I think the plan is great. Making disciples and teaching discipleship is what the church is all about. I appreciate your inter/non-denominational approach.”
                    Pastor S.S., Michigan

“The definitions are clear and concise, and will be excellent for use in any congregation. I will distribute the brochures so people can follow along as I preach the sermons. The weekly Bible study groups will also use the brochures to continue the conversation of becoming and making disciples beyond worship.”
                   Pastor K.G., Kentucky

“We have distributed the brochures and are currently going through each step of discipling through our Pastor's sermons. I am planning to talk with the Christian Education Committee chairperson and see if we can incorporate teaching the course during our Sunday school classes.”
                   Associate Pastor R.F., Illinois

“Pastor and I have already spent two days in planning and vision-casting, using many of the concepts outlined in the brochures. To this point, our congregation has never been challenged to fulfill the Great Commission— we think it's about time!”
                   C.O., Tennessee

“The plan is comprehensive and requires what American Christians don't normally like to do - commit themselves. This is going to be my fall sermon series. I also plan to teach it beginning this evening on Biblical Discipleship using your main headings.”
                   Pastor M.S., Indiana

“I am impressed not only by the concept but also by its focus. The path is clear and the road is straight ahead. But it is an upward climb that requires faith, dedication, and discipline — thus the challenge... It is my intention to first complete the ten sermons, then present them as part of a ten week emphasis on our congregation's task in ‘Becoming a Christ-centered, disciple-making church.’"
                   Pastor G.M., North Carolina

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