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Real Answers™
Copyright: © 2006 Donald E. Lindman
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By: Don Lindman

The teens and twenty-somethings of the 1960’s started a sexual revolution that was a protest against the sexual hypocrisy of previous generations.  Don’t hide sex; enjoy it, they said.  And they practiced what they preached.

Sex became another natural bodily appetite, to be indulged whenever, wherever, and with whomever one chooses.  Sex doesn’t have any emotional involvement; it just is fun.

That sexual revolution continues on today.  Take a look at prime time TV as well as at the afternoon soaps and you will find young people indulging in sex at the drop of a hat…or perhaps more accurately at the drop of a pair of jeans.

It’s something you do because you feel like it, not because you have much of an emotional attachment to your partner.  Sex is out in the open.  They joke about it, talk about it, and do it.  I’m aware that TV can exaggerate, but I’m also am aware that it reflects society as much as it molds it and influences it.

But now that we can see the results of this new outlook on sexual activity we can also see that these people who rebelled against the hypocrisy of their parents and grandparents are guilty of their own hypocrisy.  Free sex only exists until you hit the altar or the marrying judge.  After that you’d better be monogamous.

The free sex advocates have found that sex in marriage carries a lot of emotional significance.  No longer is it just an appetite to be indulged.  If sex in marriage isn’t as “good” as you expected, you can’t just go out and find another sex partner while remaining married to the partner who disappoints.

With the tying of the marriage knot sex becomes a symbol of one of the deepest relationships human beings can experience.  “Free sex” becomes “unfaithfulness,” an action worthy of divorce, even in the world of TV.

There is a lot of emotion attached to sexual intercourse.  We can deny that, sublimate it, and convince ourselves that sex is only an appetite, but once we get into marriage even the free sex generation has trouble continuing with the subterfuge.

The Bible, which reflects at least 4000 years of moral values, has been telling us this all along.  St. Paul dared to say that sex with a prostitute “unites” one with that person in a strong spiritual and emotional way, but the fashion has been to dismiss him as an old puritanical curmudgeon.  Why, he may not even have been married.  How does he know?

Well, married or not, the old spoilsport apparently knew something about how we human beings work.  Or maybe we should say that our Creator did and got the message to Paul.

It’s true that previous generations were hypocrites when it came to sex.  Thanks to them, many of us older people are aware of the hypocrisy in our position.

Now the free sex generation has joined the ranks of the rest of us.  But who’s going to get the word to them?

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