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Real Answers™
Copyright: © 2006 Gary Hardaway
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By: Gary Hardaway

The international conversation surrounding the war on Israel by Hezbollah often reflects profound, bizarre distortions of reality.

For example, we are often told by pundits and reporters that Hezbollah is a “political party.” It is true that the movement currently holds a number of seats in the Lebanese parliament. That may sound like a political operation, until one considers that this so-called band of politicians does not advance its cause by persuasion but by warfare and genocide.

How many political parties in the world field, train and arm thousands of troops at their command? How many political parties perpetrate kidnappings, murders, bombings, and planned massacres in buses, shopping malls, and other civilian centers? Since when do politicians stockpile and lob Cruise Missiles at their enemies? And load those missiles with ball-bearing shrapnel to maximize civilian casualties.

In other words, the obvious, undeniable fact is that Hezbollah is a criminal organization that exerts its will on the region by death and destruction—by terrorism. This is a bloodthirsty outfit, fueled by hate. And it doesn’t particularly try to hide the fact. It boasts that it exists for the purpose of exterminating Israel.

Yet reporters often tacitly assume, or pretend, that the conflict isn’t fair to the terrorists. We hear about Israel’s alleged “disproportional response” to rocket bombardments on its towns and villages. We hear next to nothing about Hezbollah’s despicable practice of building troop shelters under schools so that little children will be killed when Israel knocks out the shelter. Few mention that Hezbollah (and Hamas) deliberately base their operations in densely populated areas.

A organization dedicated to genocide and willing to use their own children as sacrificial shields is not a political party. It is an evil cancer on the community of humanity. Wherever it succeeds, politics will utterly cease. Wherever it prevails political institutions will be transformed into instruments of enslavement and more terrorism.

These objective facts should come through in every nightly news broadcast. They are undeniable; they are vital to understanding the war and its underlying issues.

Journalists bear a special responsibility to follow the commandment, “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” False testimony may take various devious forms. These include:

• personal bias that shapes the report
• partial truths that leave out the most significant facts
• silence that covers up the real situation
• ignoring and shifting attention away from the obvious
• deliberate lies and distortions.

This particular kind of false testimony is no mere trifle. It’s not about minor disagreements over choices of words. No, this brand of “news” aids and abets global terrorism in its relentless pursuit of death, destruction, and totalitarianism. It dumps more fuel on the fires of war. It undermines civilization and stampedes the horses of apocalypse upon the world.

Only when people receive truth are they actually free. We must demand clear, hard, truthful treatment of events from all those who claim to be giving us the news. And we must tune out those who continue to bear false witness.


Gary Hardaway has taught in universities in the USA, Lithuania and Canada. He holds a Ph. D. in foundations of education. "Real Answers™" furnished courtesy of The Amy Foundation Internet Syndicate. To contact the author or The Amy Foundation, write or E-mail to: P. O. Box 16091, Lansing, MI 48901-6091;


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