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Real Answers™
Copyright: ©2009 James J. Jackson
590 words


By: James J. Jackson

America’s 133rd birthday doesn’t seem to be very ‘happy’.  Besides deep economic woes, our nation is under attack like never before, not so much from abroad as from inside our own citizenry, and even among many of our leaders.  Although it may be politically incorrect to stand and be counted for the sake of our nation, I am proud to be one who is willing to do so.

Many accuse America of being imperialistic.  Imperialism means conquering and absorbing other nations into your empire, as England, France and others did for centuries.  America freed European nations, reconstructed them at our cost, and returned the lands to their citizens.  We even rebuilt vanquished nations, like Japan and Germany, and gave them back to the citizenry.  These nations became our staunchest allies because we demonstrated love for our enemies, as we are directed in the Bible.

Polls reflect that less than 73% of Americans ever leave U.S. soil, so most will never see the endless rows of white crosses and stars marking the graves of tens of thousands of American soldiers who gave their lives in France, England, the Philippines and many other places.  The only land we ever received and held in any war was for burial plots. I have been to some of these cemeteries, and, believe me, imperialists aren’t buried there.  Heroes are.

America is labeled by many as an aggressive bully which started wars for convenience.  No mention of the treaty Iraq signed in defeat, only to repeatedly violate the cease-fire, or the multiple U.N. orders they ignored, or thwarting the inspectors they agreed to allow into Iraq.  Any one of these violations was enough for the U.S. to resume hostilities.  Many still say we went to war for oil.  Iraq’s military ran away from battle, setting fire to their own oil fields on the way.  We could have simply taken the oil spoils of war.  Instead, we repaired the oil fields and gave them back to the Iraqis without taking one drop.

Many Americans say the 911 attacks stemmed from U.S. mistreatment of Muslims for years.  Was it mistreatment to go to war to liberate Muslims in places like Kosovo, provide assistance Afghanistan’s fight against the Soviets (even though the Afghans turned on us later)?  African nations still beg the U.S. to free them from oppression by other Muslims. 

America has always been a force for good in the world, and history bears it out, yet those who have never been anywhere else believe the lie that America is hated around the world.  When I travel to other countries, I can usually identify the U.S. Embassy by the long lines of people hoping for a chance to come here.  When I have gone to foreign consulates here in the U.S., I have seen countless people in tears because they must return to their home country.  Corrupt leaders rarely represent their citizens in their hatred of America.  Witness what is taking place in Iran, where the leaders call the U.S. ‘The Great Satan’, but their citizens are rising up against them and their oppression.

No, America is not evil, and those who make this claim are hard-put to give evidence of the claim (without resorting to lies and easily proven fabrications).

President Obama recently stated that America is no longer a Christian nation.  But the 82.6% of those polled who identify themselves as Christians apparently still believe God’s promise, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  Happy Birthday, America, and God Bless You.

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