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Real Answers™
Copyright: © ©2006 James J. Jackson
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By: James J. Jackson

Of the four school shootings in recent weeks, the most heart-rending was the slaughter of five Amish girls in their one-room Pennsylvania school house.  But, all of the shootings are just as tragic, because they illustrate a dangerous, growing trend of violence among our youth, in and out of school.

We all ponder the causes of such senseless loss of life.  The usual justifications are offered: (He was abused as a child, bullied at school, improperly potty trained, etc.).  A White House conference on school safety was convened to tackle the problem, but it is doubtful that any workable solution will arise from the conference.

Society’s attempts to resolve violence such as school shootings, robberies and murder among our young are doomed to failure because our ‘rules of engagement’ are flawed.  Political correctness prohibits seeking a morality-based solution; therefore we often completely ignore the spiritual aspect of the problem. We can’t tell parents that God holds them responsible for instilling His word in their children. We aren’t even allowed to consider pure evil as a cause.

By distorting our Founder’s efforts to keep government out of our religious life, social engineers prohibit moral teachings in schools, resulting in a twisted ‘freedom from religion‘.  Instead of using Christian principles to provide a moral compass, morality is considered a threat to children.  Political Correctness tells children that, no matter what they do or become, it is someone else’s fault.  Posting the Ten Commandments is treated as a terrorist act.

The killer of the Amish students reportedly called his wife and told her, in part, that he hated God and hated himself.  Conversely, he asked the young girls to pray for him.  It was reported that he told his wife that he felt extremely lonely.  Could it have been a ’God-shaped’ hole in his heart that the Lord yearned to fill?  He had hugged and kissed his own children goodbye as he placed them on their school bus, shortly before entering the one-room school and reeking havoc upon the lives of so many.

How can such love and such hatred reside simultaneously in one heart?  His claim that he sexual abused two relatives when he was 12 was disputed by the ‘victims’.  Was his young mind allowed to cultivate and dwell upon evil acts. Did he carry real or imagined lust with him into adulthood without any person reaching out to him with words or actions to re-direct him toward moral living? 

The shooter at another school wore a long black trench coat, as did the suicidal kids at Columbine High School.  The black trench coat is symbolic of satanic-laced beliefs, such as Wicca and Goth, to which numerous children subscribe, and which are allowed in school.  Could tolerance for any religion except Christianity be an element in the increasing violence we are seeing today?

Young people are slipping into dangerous, deadly lifestyle choices, while parents and others look the other way, until their dangerous secrets erupt in unimaginable ways.  These youth often know nothing of a loving God who created them and set rules for their lives, rules that would likely lead to a happy full life, rather than one of total despair.

Could a steady diet of immoral TV shows and movies have dulled their senses to the needs of others, resulting in a totally selfish state of mind that honors nether life or property?  Could the cheapening of life that has resulted in millions of abortions have leeched into their minds and lessened the value of all life?

Could daily exposure to the Commandments have reminded them that God says,  “Love one another”, and,  “Thou shalt not murder”?  Perhaps the Amish school shooting would not have occurred if the shooter had been taught the blessed concept of forgiveness that the Amish community offered so freely to him after his contemptible actions.

There may be more questions than answers, but the real tragedy is that our youth aren’t taught where to look for the answers.

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