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Real Answers™
Copyright: © 2010 Tom Flannery
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By: Tom Flannery

“It’s going to keep snowing in DC until Al Gore cries uncle....”
    —Republican Sen. Jim DeMint on Twitter

The global-warming alarmists have hit some rough waters of late.  And, no, it’s not from rising oceans or melting glaciers.

Their “proven science” has proven to be junk science.  It’s collapsing all around them — unlike our supposedly endangered planet, which is holding up just fine.

First there was Climategate, the scandal that rocked the environmental science community last year and shed a little light on how global-warming alarmists reach their conclusions of impending climate disaster.  In a nutshell, their own e-mails show that they manipulate the facts, destroy any documentation that shows how they are deliberately misleading the public, and conspire to keep the work of skeptical scientists out of academic journals.   

Then came Glaciergate.  The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was forced to acknowledge that a 2007 report which helped the IPCC secure a Nobel Prize fell far short of scientific standards, to say the least.  The report warned that all of the 15,000 glaciers in the Himalayas could melt away by 2035.

Now we learn that this sensational claim was based not upon scientific inquiry but rather upon the pure “speculation” of one climatologist, whose hunch was neither published nor peer reviewed.  That is to say, he pulled it out of an open hole in the backside of his body. 
On top of all this, a Senate hearing on global warming had to be postponed last month when Washington D.C. was blanketed with snow, like so much of the Mid-Atlantic region which saw record snowfalls from several storms dubbed “Snowmageddon.”

We’re starting to get a better idea of why the Bible foretold thousands of years ago, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease” (Genesis 8:22).

Still, global-warming alarmists aren’t giving up.  In their latest salvo, Rolling Stone Magazine ran a cover story targeting 17 people they claim are destroying the planet by preventing progress on climate change.  In the kind of hysterical language that characterizes the radical environmental movement, Rolling Stone calls these 17 people “The Planet’s Worst Enemies” on the cover and, as if trying to one-up itself, then calls them “The Climate Killers” inside.

One of them was conservative columnist George Will, who wrote in a Washington Post column that “there has been no global warming for more than a decade” and that “global sea-ice levels now equal those of 1979.”  Rolling Stone raged that “both assertions are flat-out wrong” and claimed that Will was even rebuked by the Washington Post ombudsman.  In fact, though, the ombudsman confirmed that “multiple editors had checked Will’s sources.”

The New York Times, one of the leading proponents of global-warming hysteria, weighed in as well.  An article by reporter Andrew Revkin quoted “experts” who said Will’s column was “riddled with” inaccuracies.  Yet Revkin didn’t name a single one of these experts.  Moreover, of the numerous factual assertions made in Will’s column, only one was challenged by Revkin.  And that challenge was without merit.  The Arctic Climate Research Center did in fact report that at the end of 2008 global sea ice levels were “near or slightly lower than” those of 1979.

So what we were left with was a global-warming alarmist accusing a global-warming critic of writing a column filled with factual errors as corroborated by multiple climate experts, but then not being able to name a single one of those experts or accurately identifying a single error contained in the column.  Par for the course when it comes to alarmists.

Still, Revkin’s article accused Will of “exaggeration.”  Will responded by pointing to a New York Times article from 1975 which reported that “a major cooling of the climate” was “widely considered inevitable” because it was “well established” that the Northern Hemisphere’s climate “has been getting cooler since about 1950.”  Will questioned when the Times would revisit “its reporting on the global cooling scare of the 1970s.”

Don’t expect the Times to delve into that topic any time soon — or any of the other national media outlets that so actively and enthusiastically fanned the flames of the global cooling scare of the 1970s.  They’d rather not be reminded. 

Interestingly, Revkin backs up the assertion made by Will that warming has not been taking place for over a decade.  Revkin acknowledges this fact but then claims that it is just a temporary pause in the warming trend.  To which Will quite rightly asks:  “How does he know this?”

For the answer to that question, see Climategate and Glaciergate.  That should clear everything up.

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