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Real Answers™
Copyright: © ©2006 William E. Cripe, Sr.
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By: William E. Cripe, Sr.

We're used to rogue judges finding all manner of whatever they can imagine wedged between commas, camouflaged above underlines, and hidden beneath semi-colons as they peruse documents called constitutions. In Maryland, Judge M. Brooke Murdock unilaterally decided she would create a right to marry someone of the same sex by declaring the state's 1973 law--defining marriage between a man and a woman--null and void. So far you're underwhelmed thinking, "So? Happens all the time these days, right?”

But there's more to the story. Judge Murdock has distinguished herself by turning the English language on its head inventing the basis for her judicial arrogance.

Despite Maryland's 1973 definition of marriage hailing from the English Common Law of 1632, Murdock determined that the state's Equal Rights Amendment was violated. In a single act of caprice, the judge divorced nearly four centuries of understanding and practice from sensible syntax, declaring the definition of marriage--one man to one woman--unconstitutional.

How did she do it? Maryland Delegate Donald H. Dwyer said, "Basically, the equal-rights law said that women could not be deprived of certain rights based on sex -- meaning, sex in the natural manner -- not sex in the physical manner."

In other words, Maryland's Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) referred to a person's gender, not their preferences for sexual activity. But when you're a judge with an agenda, accountable to no one, you can make words mean whatever you want.

According to Citizen Link, Dwyer moved for an "Address for Removal" bill, which charges Murdock with "misbehavior in office, willful neglect of duty and incompetence." His motion was voted down.

Constitutional lawyer, Phyllis Schlafly warned this would happen years ago, "ERA would put 'gay rights' into the U.S. Constitution because the word in the amendment is 'sex,' not 'women.' Eminent authorities have stated that ERA would legalize the granting of marriage licenses to same-sex couples and generally implement the gay and lesbian agenda."

Schlafly was down right prophetic.

Isn't it ironic that we live in a culture whose judges now summarily and unilaterally dismiss well established and respected laws, being subject to no one or no thing?

I just finished reading the book of Judges, one of the books that make up the Old Testament of the Bible. It is a book about the plight of Israel through the leadership of "judges" who were the enforcers of law in ancient times. The nutshell version of the book is that when the people had good judges—judges who knew, respected and applied the law impartially—they prospered. And when they had bad judges?judges who redesigned, dismantled or ignored the law?they suffered. The overall theme of the book is that bad judges prevailed and the people paid a heavy price.

The epitaph of the nation is written at the conclusion of the book. It says, "In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes."

That has an all too familiar ring to it. We are no longer subject unto a king in our culture but until fairly recently America understood "Lex Rex" (the Law is King) as the rule of a civil society. And now we have rogue judges who, having no king what-so-ever, do whatever seems right in their own eyes, and just like the days of old we are paying a heavy price indeed.

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