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Real Answers™
Copyright: ©2010 William Cripe Sr.
640 words


By: William Cripe Sr.

I admit I am a "real" golfer.  I subscribe to three different golf magazines, I watch golf on T.V. and in the off season I have my putter, and several wedges in my office to keep my "game" somewhat tuned for when the weather finally breaks in May.  I admit too that I was a huge Tiger Woods fan.  I heard about him when he was 15 and there was a buzz about him even then.  The word was that he could be the next Jack Nicklaus. He did not disappoint--until recently.
Tiger was larger than life and as the most recognized athlete in the world, he was on course to become the first athlete to cross the billion dollar threshold in the next year or so. Now he's on the endangered species list.
As "the best" ever golfer in the world, his physique shows the level of discipline he possesses and his practice protocol is testimony to one bent on being the best ever.  We came to expect the impossible on the course and more often than not, Tiger delivered.  Even non-golfers tuned in to view the man whose discipline and integrity seemed all encompassing.  There was no question that Tiger was destined to be "the best"--we hoped, in ALL ways. 
With a Swedish model for a wife, two beautiful children in tow, and more money than some countries, Tiger had it ALL.  
We were dazed when we heard about his SUV barely getting out of his driveway and his being pulled from the vehicle by his wife aided by a golf club.  Even before any details were known we were rocked on our heels. This was just too bizarre, too incredible no matter what the explanation.
But let's forget rumors, and speculation.  Everyone deserves better than that, no matter who they are.  So here's what we know. 
Tiger had it ALL.  It would be factually fair to say that anything this world could possibly offer a human being was just a routing number away from Tiger's reach.  So why wasn't it "all" enough? 
It's simple really.  There is one thing unlimited resources, influence and ability cannot obtain and that is peace with the God of Heaven.  And until that peace is obtained, every human heart, Augustine said, has a void that can only be filled by God Himself. 
Yet the human spirit will pursue anything and everything within its means, even if unwittingly, trying to fill that God-shaped void.  The problem is, you can't order it on the internet, meet it in a hotel room, or caress it in the bed(s) of one's fantasies.  It really is that simple. Ancient Solomon, another man of great means, like Tiger, did not need to deprive himself of anything yet decided to test the theory that with enough power, prestige and money, one could in fact obtain perfect contentment; perfect peace with what this world has to offer.  So he put his theory to the test and what he verified was that apart from God, having "everything" will sooner or later turn out to be "nothing" in the end. 
Solomon wrote, "…as for every man to whom God has given riches and wealth, He has also empowered him to eat from them and to receive his reward and rejoice in his labor; this is the gift of God."  Ecclesiastes 5:19
The ability to truly enjoy the pleasures of this world, whether of great or humble means, is a gift which God alone, at the center of one's life, can give.  Enduring contentment is found--nowhere else. 
I ache for Tiger; I ache for his family.  But if all this serves to bring Tiger and his wife to such realization--to faith in the Savior who loves him, it will be the best thing--by far--that ever happens to him. 

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