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Amy Writing Awards:  We know that many lives have been positively influenced by articles written and submitted to the Amy Writing Awards, and we hope that we have in some small way, encouraged you to write articles that in a "sensitive, thought-provoking manner present the biblical position on issues affecting the world today."The authors who have participated in our award programare an inspiration to all of us who served on our Writing Awards committee. 


We want to notify you of our decision to make the 2015 Amy Writing Awards contest the final year of the Amy Writing Awards.  When the 2015 award is presented in May 2016, it will be the 31st and final Amy Writing Award to be given.


In total, during the past 31 years, The Amy Foundation has presented 264 authors with 435 prizes for their efforts to help disciple our nation.Thank you for your past and continued efforts to minister through your gift of writing.


The Amy Foundation Board of Directors has made this decision in part due to the dwindling number of entries we were receiving each year, and also in part so that we can allocate the Amy Foundation resources to other ministries that are effectively discipling our nation in other ways.  This is not the end of The Amy Foundation . . .  just the culmination of The Amy Writing Awards.


We thank you again for your participation in The Amy Writing Awards over the years.  You are a blessing to all those who serve on The Amy Foundation Board and to the Russell Family.




James A. Russell, President

On Behalf of Phyllis Russell and

The Amy Foundation Board of Directors

The 2015 Amy Writing Award winners will be announced here soon.  The 2014 Amy Writing Award winners were:

Marian Rizzo


First Prize

Miracle Baby turns 1 and beats the odds

Ocala Star-Banner;  Ocala, FL

Ryan Squanda


Second Prize

Future bright for former QB

Detroit Free Press; Detroit, MI

Greg Rummo


Third Prize

Darryl Strawberry - finally finding 'His Way'

The Suburban Trends;  North Jersey Media Group

Tom Trepiak


Fourth Prize

Howard returns after trials and tribulations


Louise K. Ahern


Fifth Prize

Reliving his nightmare

Lansing State Journal; Lansing, MI

Lois Collins $1,000 Award of Outstanding Merit

Breaking Promises

Deseret News; Salt Lake City, UT

Timothy Meinch $1,000 Award of Outstanding Merit

Urban mission

DesMoines Register; DesMoines, IA

Sara Israelsen $1,000 Award of Outstanding Merit

Soul Seekers

Deseret News; Salt Lake City, UT

Paul Kengor $1,000 Award of Outstanding Merit

Ronald Reagan's City of God


Nicole Brambila $1,000 Award of Outstanding Merit

Church was shaken to the core

Reading Eagle;  Reading, PA

Congratulations to our winners!  (To read these articles, please click on the article title.)


Pen & Sword:  

The Pen & Sword Newsletter publication has been suspended.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Rusty Wright:  Webinar on “Writing to Influence non-Christians".  Free online video now available.  Writers, editors and publishers from four continents participated live in this 59-minute online session run by Magazine Training International.  Follow the link below to watch it at your leisure:

Writing to Influence non-Christians:  Could God use your talents and publications to influence non-Christians for Christ? Learn how readers think and feel, what they want, and why. Discover practical tools for analyzing your audience, including their religious persuasion, intellectual level, psychological makeup, needs, moral attitudes, issues, and heroes. This workshop provides practical ways to reach secular readers.  (Simple free registration required for video access.  Downloadable resource handout included.)


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