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Greg Asimakoupoulos

“Love Isn't Love Till You Give It Away”  Posted 2/11/11 (600 words) 

“Lessons From My Family Tree” Posted 12/17/10 (640 words) 

"Yes, Virginia, There is a God!"   Posted 12/09/10 (600 words) 

"Pilgrims' Making Progress"   Posted 11/17/10 (610 words) 

"Common Hobbies, Mutual Understanding"   Posted 10/4/10 (650 words) 

"Alert to the World Around Us" Posted 9/2/10 (590 words) 

"Remembering A Life Well Lived"   Posted 6/11/10 (850 words) 

"National Day of Prayer:  A Progressive Adventure"   Posted 5/5/10 (540 words)

"Let's Have A Blue Christmas!"   Posted 12/3/09 (585 words) 

"Thanks-giving:  An Antidote to Whine Flu"   Posted 11/17/09 (605 words) 

"A Time for Starting Over"   Posted 7/31/09 (660 words) 

"Cheap Dates in a Down Economy" Posted 7/15/09 (720 words) 

"Faith Lessons in Unemployment" Posted 6/3/09 (650 words) 

"A Little Piece of Quiet"   Posted 5/20/09 (670 words)

"Praying With Our Eyes Open"   Posted 4/30/09 (640 words) 

"A Date That Lives In Infamy"   Posted 4/15/09 (650 words) 

"Clinging to the Cross"   Posted 4/10/09 (730 words)

"Good Grief Is Not An Oxymoron"   Posted 3/16/09 (600 words) 

"Goodbye, American!"   Posted 3/2/09 (550 words) 

"By George It's Lent!"   Posted 2/12/09 (635 words)

"Praying For The New President"   Posted 1/23/09 (700 words)  

"Earth Day Every Day"   Posted 4/21/08 (700 words)

"And the Father Laughed!"   Posted 2/21/08 (700 words)  

"St. Arbucks Is My Kind of Place"   Posted 1/09/08 (480 words)  

"Let's Hear It For Life"   Posted 1/09/08 (770 words)  

"Stand Up For Christ's Sake"   Posted 11/28/07 (590 words)  

"Don't Let the Grinch Steal Thanksgiving"   Posted 10/24/07 (700 words)  

"Take Me Out to the Ballgame"   Posted 10/4/07 (640 words)

"Remembering a 9/11 Hero"   Posted 8/28/07 (700 words)  

"Tackling Stress"   Posted 8/28/07 (630 words)

William E. Cripe

"Controlling Language to Elminate Evil Is Just Wrong." Posted 2/11/11 (600 words)

"There's Nothing Generous About Forced Benevolence" Posted 1/14/11 (600 words) 

"Bill's Wide Receiver Bobbles More Than a Pass" Posted 12/09/10 (640 words) 

"The Mercy of Capital Punishment" Posted 11/10/10 (585 words) 

"Free Speech Heads to Court -- Again." Posted 10/18/10 (645 words) 

"Are Books An Endangered Species?" Posted 9/8/10 (550 words) 

"Beware All Who Stumble the Little Ones" Posted 8/4/10 (620 words) 

"What 'American Idol' Reveals About Our Culture" Posted 1/25/10 (525 words) 

"Is This Tiger An Endangered Species?"  Posted 1/13/10 (640 words)

"Stimulus Package Will Stimulate More Heart Ache"  Posted 2/18/09 (600 words)  

"Real Peace Requires Work, Not Wishes"    Posted 12/22/08 (620 words)  

"A Post Election Reflection"  Posted 11/17/08 (525 words) 

"Surviving the Vortex of Political Verbiage"  Posted 10/02/08 (480 words) 

"A "Christian" View of Immigration?"  Posted 9/12/08 (635 words)  

"Courts Uphold Another Case of Public Indoctrination"    Posted 2/21/08 (550 words)

"Campus Slaughter A Product of Our Cultural Decline"    Posted 3/06/08 (600 words)  

"'Moment of Truth' Reveals Just How Sick We Are"  Posted 1/25/08 (520 words) 

"The Fall Of A Rising Star"  Posted 1/25/08 (600 words) 

"Confidence in Organized Religion Continues Decline"  Posted 7/18/07 (500 words) 

"Dental School Cheating Scandal Is No Scandal At All" Posted 5/11/07 (615 words) 

"Barack's Tickets Should Ba-reak His Bid For The White House" Posted 3/19/07 (545 words) 

"American Idol" Is Reflection Of American Culture" Posted 2/02/07 (540 words) 

"Saddam's Death is For Community's Good" Posted 1/03/07 (550 words) 

"Despite the Lunacy, Christmas Still Sparkles" Posted 12/05/06 (485 words)

"The Church Must Not Diminish The Fall Of Christian Leaders" Posted 11/10/06 (575 words)

"God Never Promised Life Would Be Fair" Posted 10/30/06 (580 words)

"The Truth about the Gospel of Judas" Posted 5/8/06 (550 words)

"The Law Is King (Or At Least Used To Be)" Posted 3/23/06 (565 words)

"'End Of The Spear' Makes Its Point" Posted 2/13/06 (660 words)

"President Didn't Lie About Iraqi Weapons" (Iraq War) (570 words)
"Clinton's Legacy Is Well Established" (Clinton) (610 words)
"Do Dogs Go To Heaven?" (Death) (610 words)

Barbara Curtis

"Thank God He Did Christmas His Own Way"  Posted 12/22/08 (675 words) 

"Where'd You Come From, Mr. Claus?" Posted 12/18/08 (740 words)

Jill Darling

"Instant Communication Hinders Real Connections" Posted 3/30/10 (700 words) 

"When Newspapers Die, A Part of Our Culture Dies" Posted 11/17/09 (655 words) 

"Winning the Battle of the Post-Vacation Bulge" Posted 9/17/09 (700 words) 

"Investing In Marriage" Posted 6/25/09 (650 words) 

"Giving Thanks to Those Around Us" Posted 11/21/08 (650 words) 

"It's Time for Fathers to Take Back Their Rightful Place" Posted 6/04/08 (700 words) 

"Trashing Verboten" Posted 3/28/08 (720 words) 

"Investing Time In Nursing Home Residents Pays Dividends" Posted 4/18/07 (685 words) 

"Glenn Gave It All" Posted 2/22/07 (560 words)

Linda Downing

"Slow Down to Speed Up" Posted 4/16/10 (660 words) 

"Something Tangible" Posted 2/10/10 (660 words) 

"Nonconformity:  A Key to Holiday Spirit" Posted 11/17/09 (590 words) 

"Longing to Simplify"  Posted 9/08/09 (690 words) 

"Seeing We Don't See"   Posted 7/20/09 (620 words) 

"Getting Our Attention"  Posted 7/2/09 (630 words) 

Tom Flannery

“The Failed P.C. Fad”    Posted 2/28/11 (860 words) 

“Ricky, Don't Lose His Number”  Posted 1/31/11 (860 words)  

“Salvation Was Always A Gift”  Posted 12/17/10 (860 words)  

“The Promise of the Gift”  Posted 12/17/10 (850 words)  

“The Greatest Gift of All”  Posted 12/17/10 (850 words) 

"Defining Christianity Downward"    Posted 11/30/10 (785 words)  

"Losing the Race Card"    Posted 10/25/10 (780 words)  

"The Grand Designer"   Posted 9/28/10 (845 words)  

"Prayers for Hitch" Posted 8/11/10 (810 words)  

"'Mad' Mel's Lethal Mouth"   Posted 7/22/10 (640 words)  

"A Perfect Game in an Imperfect World"   Posted 6/14/10 (665 words)  

"Hello Dalai, Goodbye Truth"   Posted 5/28/10 (640 words)  

"Now I'm A Terrorist" Posted 5/13/10 (565 words)  

"Oscars Take Right Turn"   Posted 3/18/10 (680 words)  

"Global Warming & Snowmageddon"   Posted 3/3/10 (800 words) "Climategate A Symptom of Modern 'Science' " Posted 12/3/09 (730 words)

"Is Rush A Racist?  And God, Too?" Posted 10/28/09 (750 words)

"Signs of Our Times"  Posted 10/13/09 (680 words)

"Michael Jackson's Hideous Life and Death" Posted 7/15/09 (640 words)  

"No Country For Godless Men"   Posted 6/3/09 (730 words)

"When Christians Fail"   Posted 5/20/09 (720 words)  

"Why Israel Will Survive"   Posted 5/18/09 (710 words)  

"Demonizing Marriage's Defenders"   Posted 4/30/09 (730 words)

"George Will's Next Column"   Posted 2/18/09 (690 words)  

"Comforting the Travoltas -- With Truth"   Posted 1/23/09 (650 words)  

"A Coming New World Order"   Posted 1/16/09 (700 words)

"Irrational Atheism and the End of Reason"   Posted 11/17/08 (680 words)  

"Is It Really the Economy, Stupid?"   Posted 10/08/08 (810 words)

"Darryl Strawberry:  Slugging for God"   Posted 8/5/08 (700 words)

"Israel:  The Miracle Country Turns 60"   Posted 5/19/08 (740 words)  

"Truth-Seeking Scientists Getting "Expelled"  Posted 4/21/08 (715 words)  

"Remembering Mom and Praising God" Posted 4/16/08 (700 words)

"Taking the Hitchens Challenge"   Posted 12/11/07 (700 words)  

"Atheists' Untenable Arguments"   Posted 11/26/07 (700 words)  

"The Irrationality of Atheism"   Posted 11/20/07 (700 words)  

 "Springsteen's Lost Magic"   Posted 10/4/07 (715 words)

"God's Questions For the Skeptics"   Posted 9/17/07 (700 words)

"God's Challenge to the Skeptics"   Posted 9/11/07 (700 words)  

"Surprised by Hitchens' Success?"   Posted 8/22/07 (700 words)  

"Pope's Proclamation A Defective Theology" Posted 7/18/07 (655 words)  

"How Could Virginia Tech Not Have Happened?"   Posted 4/23/07 (690 words)  

"Letter To An Atheist"   Posted 3/23/07 (700 words)  

"Jeter, A-Rod and the Need for Fogiveness" Posted 3/14/07 (665 words)  

"Lovie and Tony A "Super" Pair"   Posted 1/26/07 (700 words) 

"'Nativity Story' Is A Christmas Film Classic" Posted 12/14/06 (705 words)  

"Do World Events Say Endtime Is Near?"   Posted 9/28/06 (670 words)  

"Fritz and Jesus Said It Would Be Like This" Posted 8/15/06 (685 words)  

"Did Bill Maher Evolve From A Chicken?" Posted 6/29/06 (700 words)  

"‘Judas Gospel,’ 'Da Vinci Code' Are No Gospel"   Posted 5/1/06 (700 words)

"Hollywood — Back To The Future" y Posted 3/02/06 (700 words)

"On Abortion and America" (Abortion) (700 words)

"The Rightness Of Our Cause" (Terrorism) (700 words)
"Winning The Abortion War" (Abortion) (700 words)
"America's Christian Heritage" (700 words)

Gary Hardaway

"Wisconsin:  Get Rid of the Hijackers" Posted 2/28/11 (670 words) 

"Insatiable Government Devours Liberty" Posted 2/11/11 (700 words) 

"At Last - A Really Sure Bet!" Posted 1/14/11 (670 words) 

"Hot Political Rhetoric Denounces - Guess What! - Political Rhetoric" Posted 1/14/11 (490 words) 

"Atheist Needs Mind-Changing Christmas" Posted 12/09/10 (670 words) 

"Earmarks: Marked for Extinction?"Posted 11/23/10 (650 words) 

"SRTOL Is Truly Startling - And Destructive" Posted 11/17/10 (690 words) 

"NPR is Just the Tip of the Iceberg" Posted 10/26/10 (685 words) 

"Can Atheists Be Good Citizens?"Posted 10/18/10 (690 words) 

"Let's Verify Before Trusting" Posted 10/8/10 (690 words) 

"Counselor to Lovelorn Guilty of Malpractice" Posted 9/23/10 (690 words) 

"The Murder of Marriage:  An Unsolved Mystery" Posted 7/16/10 (640 words) 

"We All Need to Feel Useful" Posted 7/2/10 (700 words)

"Congressional Leaders Deserve A Taste Of Its Own 'Medicine'" Posted 3/24/10 (685 words)   

"Please, No More 'Help!' " Posted 2/19/10 (630 words)  

"What Happened to Justice for All?" Posted 1/5/10 (685 words)  

"Dear Grandpa . . ."   Posted 12/14/09 (450 words) 

"When the Walls Came Tumbling Down" Posted 10/28/09 (695 words)  

"Irving Kristol:  An American Treasure" Posted 10/12/09 (690 words) 

"Given Any Good Books Lately?"  Posted 10/2/09 (650 words)  

"School is No Place for Political Choir" Posted 9/29/09 (540 words) 

"America:  An Endangered Achievement" Posted 6/25/09 (680 words)  

"Punishing Tiller is Not Our Prerogative" Posted 6/3/09 (630 words)  

"Idol Worship is Idle Worship"   Posted 4/07/09 (690 words)  

"The Fifties Family - The Best of Times" Posted 3/30/09 (700 words)  

"Where Have You Gone Joe, Ted, Bob, Hank, and Warren?" Posted 3/19/09 (695 words) 

"The Endangered Individual"   Posted 3/10/09 (695 words)

"Richard John Neuhaus, 1936-2009:  A Race Well Run" Posted 1/28/09 (700 words)  

"Pro-Life Advocates Have An Unseen Ally" Posted 1/12/09 (670 words)  

"A Recession Recipe:  Consume less; Contribute more" Posted 1/12/09 (690 words)

"The Grinch Invades Washington State" Posted 12/22/08 (670 words)

"Hospital Stands Against Death-Dealing Tide" Posted 11/18/08 (680 words)  

"Happy 90th Birthday Billy!" Posted 11/07/08 (840 words) 

"Critics and Celebs Obsess Over Governor Palin" Posted 9/16/08 (640 words)  

"Solzhenitsyn:  Our Modern Jeremiah" Posted 8/5/08 (650 words)  

"Carlin's Gutter Humor Was No Joke" Posted 6/27/08 (700 words)  

"Socialism Goes By Many Names" Posted 6/27/08 (700 words)  

"Another Shameful Performance at Trinity Church" Posted 6/04/08 (575 words)  

"Expel Coercive Ideology from School" Posted 5/01/08 (700 words)  

"Pastor Flunks Qualifications for Spiritual Leadership" Posted 4/16/08 (580 words)  

"Evangelicals Don't Get Enough Respect" Posted 2/08/08 (520 words)  

"Clueless Experts Sabotage Strugging Parents" Posted 1/09/08 (720 words) 

"Young William Buckley:  God's Man Vs. Yale" Posted 2/29/08 (660 words)  

"Reversing Sexual Suicide:  A Simple Proposal" Posted 2/22/08 (680 words) 

"Parents:  Sometimes You Have To Say 'No' " Posted 9/11/07 (635 words) 

"The Atheists are Getting Restless -- And Militant" Posted 8/17/07 (690 words) 

"When "I Do" Is Not Enough" Posted 8/03/07 (645 words) 

"Requiem For A Great Woman" Posted 6/20/07 (610 words) 

"Universities Should Foster 'Discrimination'" Posted 5/10/07 (615 words) 

"Classy Dads Show Daughters Their Worth As Women" Posted 4/18/07 (695 words) 

"Senator Johnsons's Condition Calls For Better System of Succession" Posted 1/12/07 (665 words) 

"The Tragic Lives of Ted Haggard and Ellen Goodman" Posted 11/20/06 (690 words) 

"Waking Up In High School English" Posted 10/27/06 (650 words) 

"Is There Hope Among The Ruins?" Posted 9/28/06 (720 words) 

"Fox Reporters Brutalized During Captivity" Posted 8/31/06 (665 words) 

"Journalists’ Bias In Reporting About Hezbollah Both Unethical And Alarming" Posted 8/15/06 (515 words) 

"Traditional Episcopalians Out of Options" Posted 7/18/06 (575 words)

"Money Lost In Gambling Costs Society Even More" Posted 5/8/06 (680 words)

"Degeneracy By Any Other Name" Posted 3/14/06 (585 words)

"D.O.A. – But Not Always Final" Posted 3/08/06 (645 words)

"Strict Separation: The ACLU’S Mighty Weapon" Posted 2/21/06 (690 words)

"Dodger Slugger Struggles With Religious Integrity" (Values) (640 words)
"Good Voters Look Beyond Their Backyards" (Voting) (575 words)
"Political Reporting Needs A Higher Standard" (Press) (630 words)
"An Open Letter to Ron Reagan, Jr." (Ronald Reagan) (550 words)
"Ichiro: A Craftsman At Work" (Ichiro) (525 words)
"Ronald Reagan: An Enduring Legacy of Faith and Courage" (Ronald Reagan) (680 words)

Shaunna Howat

"Cartoon Nonsense:  Non Sequitur Begs a Question"  Posted 12/09/10 (800 words)  

"Absolutes Do Not Exist -- Absolutely" Posted 10/21/10 (620 words) 

"Jon and Kate, please wait!" Posted 6/29/09 (600 words) 

"Do Words Really Mean Anything?"  Posted 3/19/09 (620 words) 

"Goodbye Racism?  Let's Wish." Posted 1/23/09 (600 words) 

"School Days Are Upon Us:  Do You Know Your Rights?" Posted 8/20/08 (600 words) 

"Two Very Different Views of Life - In Real Life" Posted 8/20/08 (670 words) 

"Clinton May Be Able To Leave Her Religion At Home, But I Can't" . Posted 6/14/07 (615 words) 

"A Lesson in Beauty From Britney" Posted 2/22/07 (655 words) 

"Homeschooling Families Break Stereotypes"  Posted 2/09/07 (695 words)

"Rebuilding Volunteers Still Offering Hope to Katrina Victims"   Posted 8/29/06 (625 words)

"New Trend in Relationships: “Office Spouses”" Posted 4/14/06 (555 words)

"Slow Progress Toward Recovery In New Orleans" Posted 2/27/06 (675 words)

"Children vs. Individual Liberties At Heart Of Election" (Election) (640 words)
"Churchill Never Gave In, And We Must Not Either" (Churchill) (655 words)

Jim Jackson

"No Greater Love, Even in Face of Malice" Posted 1/31/11 (530 words) 

"Happy Thanksgiving - Now, Let's Go Shopping" Posted 11/17/10 (605 words) 

"'An Eye for an Eye' Blinds Us All to God's Love" Posted 9/8/10 (590 words) 

"'Going' On A Mission" Posted 8/13/10 (500 words) 

"Reality Catches Up With Helen Thomas" Posted 6/11/10 (600 words) 

"What Will You Do in Heaven?" Posted 6/11/10 (600 words) 

"Beware the Dangers of Social Networking" Posted 5/5/10 (610 words) 

"Be Careful of Your Witness" Posted 5/5/10 (600 words) 

"Mankind's Futile Quest for Self-Absolution" Posted 3/18/10 (650 words) 

"Is Haiti Under A Curse?" Posted 1/25/10 (600 words) 

"Is God on Our Side?" Posted 1/13/10 (605 words)

"Will You Seek God's Wisdom, or Play a Game of Chance?" Posted 1/13/10 (610 words) 

"How to Navigate through Life's Storms" Posted 1/13/10 (605 words) 

"Christmas and Easter Cannot Be Separated"  Posted 12/18/09 (610 words) 

"Fear and Worry:  Two Wasted Emotions"  Posted 11/24/09 (625 words) 

"War on crime focuses on the wrong weapon" Posted 10/12/09 (580 words) 

"A Paid-Up Eternal Life Insurance Policy"  Posted 9/17/09 (600 words) 

"A Little Humility, Please"  Posted 9/08/09 (600 words) 

"Learning About Life in Aunt Bessie's Kitchen"  Posted 9/08/09 (600 words) 

"The Key to Real Prosperity" Posted 8/13/09 (610 words) 

"Self-Control:  A Delicious 'Fruit of the Spirit'"  Posted 7/24/09 (605 words) 

"The Grave Doesn't Write the Final Chapter" Posted 7/15/09 (605 words) 

"Michael Jackson's death reminds us of our mortal dilemma" Posted 6/29/09 (615 words) 

"America, Love it or. . . Just Love It!"  Posted 6/25/09 (590 words) 

"What Kind of Father Are You?"  Posted 6/9/09 (600 words) 

"Memorial Day - A Day to Count Our Blessings"  Posted 5/18/09 (585 words) 

"Is Someone Trying To Get Your Attention?"  Posted 3/19/09 (585 words)

"Tasting the Fruit of our Labors"  Posted 3/16/09 (600 words) 

"The Elusive Search for Peace"  Posted 3/10/09 (600 words) 

"Making Every Day Valentine's Day"  Posted 2/2/09 (600 words) 

"Conventional Wisdom Fails Every Time" Posted 1/12/09 (600 words) 

"Making New Year's Resolutions Work" Posted 1/05/09 (600 words) 

"Frustrated Atheists Deny the Existence of Jesus" Posted 12/09/08 (610 words) 

"Living a Life of Advent" Posted 12/02/08 (605 words) 

"Seeking Safe Investments During Economic Turmoil" Posted 11/20/08 (615 words) 

"The Law of Unintended Consequences" Posted 11/07/08 (590 words) 

"Government Censorship:  Scarier Than Halloween?" Posted 10/10/08 (510 words) 

"How Should Christians View Elections?" Posted 10/08/08 (610 words) 

"The Importance of Following Current Events" Posted 9/16/08 (520 words) 

"The Best Plan for Marriage:  Loyalty and Commitment" Posted 9/02/08 (660 words) 

"America, Land of the Free and Home of the Blessed!" Posted 6/25/08 (700 words) 

"Guard Your Heart" Posted 6/20/08 (610 words) 

"Molding Young Minds Is Not Child's Play" Posted 6/10/08 (700 words) 

"Government Fails the 'Father Test'" Posted 6/04/08 (700 words) 

"Two Mothers' Prayers Are Answered" Posted 5/01/08 (700 words)

"Keeping Your Word - Even When the Rules Change" Posted 1/18/08 (700 words) 

"The Golden Compass:  A Harmless Film, or A Hidden Agenda?" Posted 12/5/07 (700 words) 

"Don't Waste Time Worrying About Doomsday" Posted 11/30/07 (700 words) 

"When Trust Defies Logic" Posted 11/14/07 (695 words) 

"Give Thanks to the Lord" Posted 11/13/07 (705 words) 

"Living Above Reproach" Posted 10/26/07 (700 words) 

"Running Toward the Roar" Posted 10/4/07 (700 words) 

"A Job Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant" Posted 9/13/07 (700 words) 

"Is Integrity the Missing Ingredient?" Posted 9/06/07 (700 words) 

"Time to Snitch on a Dangerous Concept" Posted 8/17/07 (700 words) 

"Bridge Heroes Showed God's Unconditional Love" Posted 8/08/07 (705 words) 

"Dreading the Next 'Train Wreck'" Posted 7/26/07 (700 words) 

"Is U.S. Facing 'Death By A Thousand Cuts?'" Posted 6/14/07 (685 words) 

"Opportunities to Share Faith Abound As We Travel" Posted 6/07/07 (600 words)

"Falwell Stood In The Gap" Posted 5/17/07 (650 words) 

"Was Cain a Victim of Chemical Imbalance?" Posted 5/24/07 (640 words) 

"Mothers' Love And Mass Murderers" Posted 5/10/07 (675 words) 

"Core Values Are Key to Satisfying Life" Posted 4/18/07 (685 words) 

"No Doubt About It:  Christ Arose!" Posted 3/23/07 (620 words) 

"Death Loses Sting For ALS Victim" Posted 3/23/07 (620 words) 

"The Key To Good Race Relations" Posted 2/06/07 (620 words) 

"Worry About Souls, Not About Global Warming" Posted 1/03/07 (615 words) 

"Christmas Tree Pagan?  No Way!" Posted 12/14/06 (625 words) 

"Happy Thanksgiving!" Posted 11/20/06 (600 words) 

"The Tell-Tale Heart in the New Milennium" Posted 11/20/06 (575 words) 

"School Shootings Raise Serious Questions" Posted 10/30/06 (650 words) 

"Halloween Can Be Fun Without Evil Concepts" Posted 10/24/06 (600 words) 

"Standing Principle Is Good Principle For Success?" Posted 9/28/06 (630 words) 

"Ashamed Of Being A Christian?" Posted 8/15/06 (690 words) 

"The Jonah Syndrome" Posted 7/06/06 (710 words) 

"No Heaven Or Hell?  I Wouldn't Bet On It" Posted 5/23/06 (635 words) 

"Missionary Combats Fear With God's Love" Posted 5/1/06 (595 words)

"Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters" Posted 4/14/06 (615 words)

"An "Unenlightened" View of the Creation/Evolution Flap"   Posted 2/27/06 (665 words)

"Refusing To Forgive Has Boomerang Effect" Posted 2/13/06 (600 words)

"A Good and Faithful Servant Is Welcomed Home" (Phil Lee) (680 words)
"Protecting Fragile Young Minds at Halloween" (Halloween) (610 words)
"Teaching Life Lessons" (Parenting) (600 words)
"Common Courtesy Not Common But Crucial" By: Jim Jackson (Values) (600 words)
"Eighty Year Old Finds Ministry in Quilt Making" (Values) (605 words)
"Finding The Cause Of Violence" (Values) (600 words)
"Welcome To The Fray, Mr. Cosby" (Affirmative Action) (610 words)
"Plumbing: A Great Source of Humility" (Frustration) (600 words)
"Shame Missing In Media Apologies" (Morality) (595 words)
"Activist Judges, Politicians Make Marriage Amendment Necessary" (Marriage Amendment) (620 words)

Tina Krause

"We Don't Need More Bailouts"   Posted 10/13/08 (500 words) 

"Why Does The Cross Offend But Depravity Is Accepted?"  Posted 7/11/07 (565 words) 

"Read the Fine Print" Posted 6/29/07 (565 words) 

Don Lindman

"Nursing:  A Thankless Job"  Posted 2/28/11 (485 words)  

"In Religion and In Science, Humility Has Its Place" Posted 2/19/10 (630 words) 

"Where Was God When. . ."  Posted 2/19/10 (470 words) 

"To Many People, Christianity Doesn't Make Much Sense"  Posted 2/19/10 (575 words) 

"In Life, As In Football, The Most Important Quarter is the Last One"  Posted 9/17/09 (650 words) 

"Burr Oak Reflects the American Psyche" Posted 7/20/09 (500 words) 

"Orphans We Can Ignore;  Corvettes We Can't" Posted 7/7/09 (545 words) 

"True Forgiveness is Costly" Posted 7/7/09 (500 words) 

"Easter Says Evil Doesn't Win"  Posted 4/1/09 (545 words) 

"Swedes and St. Patrick's Day" Posted 3/10/09 (520 words) 

"The Faith of Our Fathers"  Posted 2/2/09 (565 words) 

"Darwin, Lincoln, and Black History Month"  Posted 2/2/09 (570 words) 

"Our Legacy:  Mausoleums or Changed Lives" Posted 1/16/09 (580 words) 

"Christmas Offers Antidote for Fear We're Feeling" Posted 12/15/08 (570 words) 

"Garage Sale?  Church Holds Garage Give-Away"  Posted 8/29/08 (525 words)  

"Real Men Can Cry" Posted 8/14/08 (515 words) 

"This Is Our Father's World"  Posted 8/14/08 (525 words) 

"What Do You Do When There Are Moose On The Loose?"  Posted 7/25/08 (545 words) 

"Strange Occurrences and the Sins In Our Lives"  Posted 7/18/08 (590 words) 

"There Are No Ex-Marines or Ex-Pastors"  Posted 7/17/08 (560 words) 

"'Star Spangled Banner' Still Reflects National Character"  Posted 5/23/08 (635 words) 

"John Paul II:  Amazing Religious Leader" Posted 5/23/08 (530 words)  

"Past Treasures Still Teach Today"  Posted 5/7/08 (500 words) 

"Carving Wood and Carving a Life"  Posted 5/7/08 (520 words) 

"What is an "Evangelical?" Posted 4/28/08 (600 words) 

"Dr. King:  Both Human and Great" Posted 1/09/08 (560 words) 

"Poverty Is Different When It Has A Face" Posted 1/09/08 (540 words) 

"Bethlehem and the Boeing 747" Posted 12/4/07 (575 words) 

"Living Life One Angel Short" Posted 11/26/07 (525 words) 

"Why Is The World Going So Badly?" Posted 8/08/07 (605 words) 

"Pastor Finds Real Change Is Not In His Pocket" Posted 6/07/07 (570 words) 

"Falwell's Legacy:  How Will He Be Remembered?" Posted 5/16/07 (585 words) 

"Imus' Firing Is Only the Beginning" . Posted 4/18/07 (660 words) 

"Daily Switcharound Time Is Here Again"   Posted 3/05/07 (695 words)  

"Honesty, Integrity Still Count In Politics"   Posted 1/10/07 (590 words)  

"'Take Religion More Seriously' Obama Tells Democrats"   Posted 10/24/06 (520 words) 

"Press Asking Wrong Questions in Pastor Misconduct Issue"   Posted 11/06/06 (560 words) 

"Positive Voting In A Negative Election"   Posted 10/30/06 (520 words)  

"Headin' for Armageddon? National News Media Wonders"   Posted 8/31/06 (540 words)

"Your Life Story is Gift You Can Leave For Your Children"   Posted 8/24/06 (530 words)

"'Thank God For Body's Design and "Mechanics" Who Can Fix It"   Posted 8/15/06 (570 words)

"'Free Sex' Becomes Costly After Marriage" Posted 7/24/06 (505 words)

"Gates, Buffet Philanthropy Is Remarkable" Posted 7/18/06 (510 words)

"‘Judas Gospel’ Really No News At All" Posted 5/1/06 (550 words)

"Evangelical Christian Leaders Warn About Global Warming" Posted 2/16/06 (630 words)

"Handicaps: Crutches or Character Builders?"  (Handicaps) (570 words)
"Does God Decide Who Is Going To Live And Who Will Die?" (Values) (680 words)
"Playing By The Rules" (Values) (500 words)
"Columnist's TV Snack May Be An Anti-Depressant" (TV) (570 words)
"When Thinking Right, Age Can Be An Advantage" (Aging) (550 words)
"Fear Of Terrorism Has No Answer Except Faith In God" (Terrorism) (560 words)
"God Uses Left Jab In Church Lobby To Bring Blessing" (Faith) (585 words)
"Scams, Frauds Target Elderly" (Crime) (635 words)
"Summer Vacation Can Be A Time Of Fun Rather Than Fuming" (715 words)
"Understanding What Makes Pat Tillman's Death So Different" (Tillman) (600 words)
"Aging Brings Different Perspective on Life's Issues" (Aging) (585 words)
"Activist Judges Make Federal Marriage Amendment Necessary" (Marriage) (635 words)
"Laugh Away Your Troubles; Dessert's Coming" (Frustration) (680 words)

Ken Lottis

"I Want It All. . . Now!"   Posted 10/10/08 (550 words)  

"Which Way Are You Headed?"   Posted 11/21/07 (675 words)  

"Lose the Game, Boy"   Posted 10/10/07 (695 words)  

Jan Merop

"True Wisdom" Posted 7/8/09 (580 words) 

"A Memorial Day Meditation"  Posted 5/18/09 (510 words) 

"Filling In The Cracks"  Posted 3/19/09 (660 words) 

"Bullies in the Playground"  Posted 2/20/09 (600 words) 

"A Gift Tied With Ribbons of Grace" Posted 12/22/08 (590 words) 

"A Reason to Keep Celebrating" Posted 12/18/08 (545 words) 

"The Budget Box" Posted 12/15/08 (620 words) 

"See What Love Can Do" Posted 10/24/08 (610 words) 

"Obese with Knowledge or Fit with Wisdom?" Posted 10/09/08 (595 words) 

"Let's Go Fishing" Posted 10/02/08 (585 words) 

"Delayed Gratification and the Piggy Bank" Posted 7/25/08 (540 words) 

"Getting in Tune with the Rhythm of Parenting" Posted 7/21/08 (520 words) 

"America.  Bless God." Posted 11/13/07 (550 words) 

"Rocking the Cradle and Touching the World" Posted 6/29/07 (500 words) 

"Leaving A Family Legacy" Posted 6/20/07 (530 words) 

"Terror in Schools and in Baghdad Have Similar Sources" Posted 5/16/07 (530 words)  "Amazing Grace:  It's More Than A Song" Posted 2/26/07 (405 words) 

"Modesty Is Beauty From the Inside Out" Posted 2/02/07 (530 words) 

"Love Played By Heart" Posted 2/22/07 (530 words) 

"Tradition -- A Word For All Seasons" Posted 1/03/07 (515 words) 

Mike Mirakian

"Time to Invest in Peace"   Posted 10/24/08 (555 words) 

"Ending Abuse the Only Moral Option" Posted 5/8/08 (600 words) 

"Time To Practice Art of Contentment"   Posted 2/05/08 (670 words) 

"Integrity Is Road To True Success"   Posted 1/10/08 (610 words) 

"Biblical Values Trump Political Loyalties for Evangelicals" Posted 10/25/07 (620 words)  

Gregory J. Rummo

“Christmas is No Myth” Posted 12/14/10 (930 words)  

"Praise the Lord:  Hummingbirds Don't Have 'Middle Fingers' " Posted 8/4/10 (715 words)  

"Reminders at the Curb of Life's Chapters" Posted 4/23/10 (590 words)  

"We're All Prodigals When It Comes to Health-Care Reform" Posted 3/30/10 (600 words) 

"Here's What Happened in Massachusetts" Posted 1/25/10 (900 words) 

"Greed Almost Destroyed the World's Economies" Posted 1/25/10 (800 words) 

"Global Warming 'Consensus' Destroyed By An 'Inconvenient Cooling' "  Posted 2/27/09 (935 words) 

"Why The Media Misunderstands Rick Warren"  Posted 1/05/09 (750 words) 

"Santa Claus Let-Down Shapes Next Generation's Celebration" Posted 12/17/08 (685 words) 

"Fear the Bible but Only When Conservatives Quote It"   Posted 1/09/08 (700 words) 

"To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required"   Posted 3/14/08 (620 words)

"Ethical Cloud Over Stem Cells Lifting"   Posted 11/26/07 (860 words) 

"Rudy Giuliani:  Flawed but aren't we all"   Posted 10/26/07 (750 words)  

"Stories of Barbarism:  One Noticed, The Other Missed" Posted 4/20/07 (605 words)

"Going From Starting College To ICU"   Posted 9/28/06 (640 words)  

"Good Americans" Winning War Against Terror" Posted 7/18/06 (700 words)  

"This Source of Hot Air is Not A Threat To The Earth's Climate" Posted 6/15/06 (440 words)  

"Forcing Missionaries From Venezuela Hurts Venezuelan People"   Posted 4/14/06 (700 words)
"Morning After Pill: Birth Control or Abortion?" Posted 4/14/06 (625 words)

"Rumblings Of The Overturn Of Roe V. Wade?" Posted 3/14/06 (700 words)

"Spring A Time Of Rebirth, Gratitude" Posted 3/14/06 (500 words)

"Letting Go at the MVC" Posted 2/27/06 (700 words)

"Evangelicals Should Warn About Real ‘Global Warming’ " Posted 2/16/06 (725 words)
"Morning After Pill: Birth Control Or Abortion?"
Posted 2/13/06 (625 words)
"Want To Get Wealthy? Stop Saving Money"
Posted 2/13/06 (690 words)
"'The Rich' Are Paying Their 'Fair Share'" Posted 2/13/06 (645 words)
"More Bear Mail Unleashes One Male Bear" (Values) (570 words)
"Is God Trying To Get Our Attention?" (Hurricanes) (655 words)
"Olympics Showcase Those Who 'Get It' " (Olympics) (480 words)
"Bringing Hope, Joy To The 'End Of The Earth' " (Missions) (700 words)
"Seeing Beyond 'An Eye For An Eye' " (Values) (700 words)
"Reagan's Death Brings Back Memories of Mom" (650 words)
"America's Sin Draws Reproach From The World" (Iraq War) (650 words)
"Pat Tillman's Sacrifice Was Just As Costly As Any Other" (Pat Tillman) (630 words)
"Monsters In Fallujah Left Nothing to Our Imagination" (Terrorism-Iraq War) (585 words)
"Martha and Bill: Guilty Of Breaking The Ninth Commandment" (Values) (675 words)

David Sable

"Looking for Answers With Their Heads in the Clouds" Posted 7/6/07 (455 words) 

"When A Young Earth Looks Old" Posted 6/14/07 (635 words) 

"Would You Like To Buy A Can Of Hope?" Posted 6/14/07 (635 words)

David Sanford

"How Fast is America Losing Faith?"  Posted 3/19/09 (600 words) 

Debbie Thurman

"Press the Attack!:  God's Knight" Posted 3/30/10 (720 words) 

"So, Abstinence Really Works?" Posted 2/10/10 (680 words) 

"Go Home" Posted 2/03/10 (650 words) 

"Choosing Life" Posted 2/03/10 (670 words) 

"Ted and Gayle Haggard's Courageous Journey" Posted 2/03/10 (660 words) 

"Evolving Family Law:  Denying Children's Best Interests and Godly Wisdom"   Posted 3/30/09 (750 words) 

"Christmas at Wal-Mart?" Posted 12/18/08 (650 words) 

"Honoring An American War Hero" Posted 11/12/08 (695 words) 

"High Ideals Versus High Principles" Posted 10/13/08 (640 words) 

"Can Government Heal Our Souls?" Posted 10/08/08 (620 words) 

"Culture War Casualties" Posted 10/01/08 (670 words) 

"The Truth That Transforms" Posted 9/18/08 (650 words) 

"America's Eroding Morality:  Truth or Consequence" Posted 8/27/08 (650 words) 

"In Search of Effective AIDS Outreach" Posted 8/20/08 (680 words) 

"Putting Away Childish Things" Posted 7/18/08 (660 words) 

"An Example For The Ages"Posted 6/27/08 (670 words) 

"The Most Sacred of Vows" Posted 6/20/08 (620 words)

"The Church At A Critical Crossroad" Posted 5/19/08 (680 words) 

"The Real 'Course in Miracles' " Posted 3/06/08 (690 words) 

"An NFL Moral Tale" Posted 2/12/08 (670 words) 

"Winners and Those Who Think They Are" Posted 2/05/08 (630 words) 

"The World AIDS Day Sham" Posted 12/11/07 (720 words) 

"Is Anybody Listening?" By: Debbie Thurman. Posted 11/9/07 (685 words) 

"Quid Est Veritas? (What Is Truth?)" Posted 11/20/07 (700 words)

"Our Veterans and Their Sacred Duty" Posted 10/24/07 (660 words) 

"Painting a False and Dangerous Picture" Posted 10/1/07 (660 words) 

"Planned Parenthood and 'the Least of These'" Posted 9/26/07 (700 words) 

"Vick's Confession - Good for the Soul" Posted 8/30/07 (600 words) 

"Checking the Pulse of America" Posted 7/6/07 (680 words)

"An Oft-Repeated Misconception About Jerry Falwell" Posted 6/20/07 (635 words) 

"We Want Help But Don't Want To Change" Posted 6/07/07 (635 words) 

"We Must Tred Lightly on Hate-Crimes Legislation" Posted 5/29/07 (645 words) 

Linda Wacyk

"You Can Learn From A Child" (Values) (475 words)

Jan White

“Christian Worker Murdered in Afghanistan Receives Highest Award”  Posted 2/28/11 (545 words) 

“Organizations Campaign Against Human Trafficking”  Posted 2/4/11 (515 words) 

“Take Time for an Annual Fitness Examination”  Posted 1/31/11 (550 words) 

“400th Anniversary of the Book that Changed the World”    Posted 1/14/11 (550 words) 

“Heisman Trophy Winner's Speech and the Value of Every Life”  Posted 1/06/11 (570 words) 

“Jesus the Name Above All Names”  Posted 12/14/10 (500 words) 

“Yes, America, There is a Christ”   Posted 12/14/10 (605 words) 

"Thanksgiving Proclamation Still Speaks to America Today"    Posted 11/9/10 (575 words) 

"Election 2010:  Stand Up for What You Believe"  Posted 10/26/10 (485 words) 

"Message of Hope in Rescue of 33 Trapped Miners"  Posted 10/20/10 (580 words) 

"'You've Got Mail'" And It's From God"  Posted 10/18/10 (510 words) 

"God Uses Ordinary People"  Posted 10/8/10 (500 words) 

"Author Finds Parables in Mockingbird Novel"  Posted 9/8/10 (480 words) 

"Life Lessons Learned from Linkletter and His TV Program"    Posted 3/30/10 (520 words) 

"Canadian Overcomes Adversity to Impact the World"   Posted 3/30/10 (500 words) 

"Every Life Can Impact Many Others"   Posted 1/14/10 (515 words)

 "Discover the Best Advice for the New Year" Posted 1/5/10 (510 words) 

"Spiritual Lesson Learned from Gate Crashers"   Posted 12/3/09 (515 words) 

"What Kind of Legacy Are We Leaving Future Generations?"   Posted 11/25/09 (500 words) 

"The Manhattan Declaration:  Christian Leaders' Call to Action"   Posted 11/25/09 (525 words) 

"Honor Your Minister During Clergy Appreciation Month"   Posted 10/3/09 (475 words) 

"Students To Gather For Prayer At School Flagpoles September 23"   Posted 9/17/09 (500 words) 

"Is There A Cross In Your Life?"   Posted 9/08/09 (490 words) 

"Acts of Forgiveness in the Aftermath of Atrocities"   Posted 7/31/09 (500 words) 

"Christians Issued a "Call 2 Fall" For Our Country" Posted 6/29/09 (510 words) 

"Graduates, How Are You Going to Live Your Lives?"   Posted 6/3/09 (515 words) 

"Pray for the USA on Thursday, May 7th" Posted 4/30/09 (515 words) 

"Now Paul Harvey Knows the 'End of the Story'"   Posted 3/10/09 (500 words) 

"Husband and Wife's Life of Amazing Love and Grace"  Posted 2/11/09 (485 words) 

"When Will America Restore the Sanctity of Human Life?"   Posted 1/16/09 (480 words) 

"Read Through the Bible In Coming Year"   Posted 1/16/09 (495 words) 

"God Has a Plan and Purpose For Every Life"   Posted 1/16/09 (515 words) 

"Understand the Times, Then Pray For Election Day"   Posted 10/29/08 (520 words) 

"Abiding in the Shadow of The Almighty" Posted 9/26/08 (490 words) 

"The Immeasurable Impact of One Life" Posted 8/14/08 (500 words) 

"Restraint Important Lesson In Life"   Posted 6/19/08 (460 words) 

"The Bible:  Greater Value Than Einstein's Words" Posted 6/18/08 (515 words) 

"Graduation More Than A Ceremony"   Posted 6/2/08 (510 words)

"Songwriter's Words Touched Many Hearts" Posted 5/19/08 (500 words) 

"Sins, Whatever We Call Them, Are Deadly" Posted 5/19/08 (490 words) 

"Hymnology - Can You Name That Tune?" Posted 5/19/08 (500 words) 

"Life is Always the Most Beautiful Choice" Posted 2/21/08 (500 words) 

"It's A Wonderful Life Because Every Life Is Special"   Posted 1/09/08 (500 words) 

"Let's Keep Christmas Throughout the Year"   Posted 1/09/08 (460 words) 

"Don't Miss the News of the Greatest Event in History"   Posted 11/30/07 (515 words) 

"Find Direction for Life with G.P.S."   Posted 11/9/07 (505 words) 

"You and I Can Be Adopted into the Family of God"   Posted 11/9/07 (500 words)  

"Baseball's Influence on Everyday Life"   Posted 10/8/07 (500 words) 

Kendall Wingrove

"Ronald Reagan Saw the Shining City on the Hill"Posted 2/1/11 (660 words) 

"John Wooden Made Each Day His Masterpiece" Posted 11/23/10 (710 words) 

"Friends are Friends Forever" Posted 8/19/10 (840 words) 

"Seeking the Perfect Outcome" Posted 6/11/10 (745 words) 

"Paying the Daily Cost of Freedom" Posted 6/3/10 (810 words) 

"Ernie Harwell Has Made It Home" Posted 5/13/10 (710 words) 

"Tim Tebow:  To Be or Not To Be, That Was the Question" Posted 2/03/10 (650 words) 

"The Man in the Mirror:  Will Michael Jackson's Legacy Live Forever?" Posted 7/8/09 (800 words) 

"Lincoln Understood the Wisdom of Forgiveness"  Posted 2/10/09 (725 words) 

"He'd Rather Have Jesus:  A Century of Faith with George Beverly Shea"  Posted 2/2/09 (620 words) 

"And Justice For All" Posted 1/17/09 (690 words)

"Apollo 8 Required A Leap of Faith"  Posted 1/05/09 (600 words)

"Yes, Virginia, There is a Jesus Christ" Posted 12/17/08 (675 words) 

"All Quiet on the Western Front:  The Christmas Truce of 1914" Posted 12/02/08 (750 words) 

"The Change We Need" Posted 10/20/08 (840 words) 

"Viva La Vida and Chasing of the Wind" Posted 9/16/08 (780 words) 

"Tony Snow: "While God Doesn't Promise Tomorrow, He Does Promise Eternity" Posted 7/25/08 (650 words) 

"Like Dorothy Said: "There's No Place Like Home" Posted 7/18/08 (650 words) 

"Russert Remained True to the Author of his Beliefs"   Posted 6/25/08 (700 words) 

"Remembering Robert F. Kennedy's 'Ripple of Hope'"  Posted 6/04/08 (680 words) 

"Remembering Mr. Smith and the Importance of Lost Causes" Posted 5/19/08 (780 words) 

"Mother Teresa Gave Dignity to Life and Death" Posted 8/22/07 (605 words) 

"Amazing Grace Movie Shows Power Of Commitment To Cause" Posted 2/26/07 (635 words) 

"Missionaries Showed Risk Is Worth Taking" Posted 5/23/06 (660 words) 

"Don Kept Us Tied Up In Knotts As We Laughed On The Road To Mayberry" Posted 2/27/06 (665 words)

"Reagan's Faith: Chronicle Of A Gallant Optimist" (700 words)
"Remembering D-Day And The Liberation of Corrie Ten Boom" (695 words)

Rusty Wright

"When Life Careens:  Love Child Locates Bio-Dad"  (with Meg Korpi) Posted 2/28/11 (600 words)  

"Jesus is Coming May 21?"  (with Meg Korpi) Posted 1/14/11 (595 words)  

"Americans Flunk Religion 101"  Posted 10/21/10 (590 words) 

"Atlanta Volunteers Change Lives" Posted 8/11/10 (580 words)  

"Hilarious High School Bloopers" (with Meg Korpi) Posted 7/6/10 (600 words)  

"Is Casual Sex Losing Its Zing?"Posted 5/20/10 (560 words)

"Marital Strife and Your Health" Posted 4/19/10 (570 words) 

"Tiger's Faith-Road Home" Posted 2/22/10 (600 words) 

"Global Warming's Glacial Blunder" Posted 1/25/10 (600 words) 

"Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright" Posted 12/18/09 (375 words) 

"Jerusalem's Delicate Balancing Act" Posted 11/04/09 (585 words) 

"Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Library Card?"  Posted 10/28/09 (600 words) 

"Iranian Holocaust Denial and Peace Seeking"  Posted 9/29/09 (600 words)

"When Ted Kennedy Met Jerry Falwell" Posted 9/1/09 (560 words) 

"'Life Without Limbs' Inspires"  Posted 8/7/09 (580 words) 

"You Don't Say!"  Posted 7/8/09 (560 words) 

"Copingwith Job Loss" Posted 6/3/09 (580 words) 

"Basic Instinct, Showgirls & God?"   Posted 4/15/09 (600 words) 

"Forgiving Bermie Madoff?"   Posted 3/19/09 (600 words) 

"Tony Blair's God Thing"   Posted 2/27/09 (600 words) 

"Atheist Recommends God" Posted 1/28/09 (600 words) 

"Needed:  Ethical Bailout"   Posted 1/05/09 (600 words) 

"Honest Abe and Illinois' Governor" Posted 12/11/08 (585 words) 

"Choosing Abortion" Posted 12/01/08 (585 words) 

"Got Money Woes?  Consider Zimbabwe" Posted 10/20/08 (610 words) 

"How To Surprise Your Mayor" Posted 8/26/08 (600 words) 

"Is Anyone Listening?" Posted 7/21/08 (595 words) 

"Optimism Takes A Beating In Tough Times" Posted 7/14/08 (600 words)

"Home Foreclosure's Emotional Toll" Posted 6/2/08 (590 words) 

"Global Food Crisis Hits Home" Posted 4/28/08 (585 words) 

"A Doctor's Journey with Cancer" Posted 3/28/08 (640 words) 

"Castro's Staying Power" Posted 2/22/08 (600 words) 

"India's Missing Girls and the Right to Choose" Posted 1/22/08 (600 words) "Can Western-style Education Transform the Middle East?" Posted 12/4/07 (600 words) 

"Jordan's Experiment in Social Acceptance, Renouncing Extremism" Posted 11/20/07 (600 words) 

"Moderate Muslim Leaders Build Bridges to Christians" Posted 10/23/07 (580 words) 

"Giving Can Improve Your Health;  Science Says So" Posted 9/17/07 (590 words) 

"Can You Forgive Michael Vick?" Posted 8/30/07 (600 words) 

"Your Money or Your Life!. . . or Your Wine?" Posted 7/23/07 (560 words) 

"Veep Logic?" Posted 7/6/07 (600 words) 

"Civil Discourse?" Posted 5/14/07 (600 words) 

"M.I.T. Dean's Pants on Fire" Posted 5/01/07 (600 words) 

"Virginia Tech Massacre:  Coping With Grief" Posted 4/18/07 (600 words) 

"Mistakes Were Made" Posted 3/19/07 (600 words) 

"Amazing Grace Movie:  Lessons for Today's Politicians" Posted 2/09/07 (600 words) 

"Paris Hilton and What We Want" Posted 1/03/07 (625 words)   "Valentine, How Do I Love Thee?" Posted 2/02/07 (700 words)  

"Valentine's Day Brings Back That Lovin' Feeling" Posted 2/02/07 (635 words)  

"A Little "Kramer" In All Of Us?" Posted 12/05/06 (600 words)  

"South African Apartheid Leader's Apology For Racial Sins" Posted 10/17/06 (600 words) 

"9/11 and You" By: Rusty Wright. Posted 8/24/06 (600 words) 

"Leftist Jewish Journalist Survives Evangelical Beat" Posted 8/7/06 (600 words) 

"Superman Returns:  Superhero Still Needed?" Posted 7/6/06 630 words) 

"Duke LaCrosse:  Ethical Reflections" Posted 6/2/06 (600 words) 
"Da Vinci Code: Good Story; Controversial Jesus " Posted 5/8/06 (635 words)

"Romantic Hyperbole: A Humorous Look at Honesty in Love" (Marriage) (560 words)
"Athlete Ranks New Life Greater Than Olympic Gold" (Olympics) (520 words)
"The Psychology of Prisoner Abuse" (Iraq War) (500 words)
"Shark Victim Surfer Girl's Simple Faith" (Bethany Hamilton) (490 ords)
"Mel Gibson's 'Passion' Film Ignites Passions" (Film) (540 words)
"Why Radical Muslims Hate You" (Islamic Radicals) (570 words)
"JFK & Groupthink: Lessons in Decision-Making" (Kennedy) (570 words)
"Headlines You Might Like To See" (Humor) (300 words)
"Confessions of a Cellphone-Challenged Journalist" (Cellphones) (530 words)
"Animal House Revisited: Fraternity Fosters Faith" (Fraternities) (520 words) "Evidence of Jesus' Existence?" (Faith) (580 words)
"Could Church Involvement Improve Kids' Grades?" ( Learning) (520 words)
"Stressed Out? You Might Need Sleep" (Stress) (570 words)

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